Work on my screen


Honestly, I could not live without my screens. I am highly and intensely attached to my iPhone and Macbook. The main reason why there is this attachment is because I engage in many activities that rely on the use of social media. My work lives in my gadgets. Under work, I categorize schoolwork, extra curricular work and my sideline work.

In most schools today, it is almost a requirement to have at least a Facebook account and internet access. The use of websites like turnitin, plagiarisma and the like are becoming more and more common in classrooms to aid teachers. Websites like these are a good way to keep track of the submissions of students, monitor plagiarism, and it is paperless.

Facebook is also one of the main means for students to get in touch with each other. In my university, all of my classes have Facebook groups. This is because it is easier for the instructor to give announcements. It is also a good place to expound on topics because it is easier to send links, images and videos to information from the internet.

the link below is a blog with testimonies of school teachers, ranging from kindergarten to university, using Facebook for as a tool for teaching.

Teachers are now shifting from e-groups to Facebook groups because Facebook is just much easier. Facebook was programmed in such a way that makes people’s lives easier, faster and more efficient.

Social Media is not only popular for classroom purposes but also in the workplace. Again, it is an efficient way to inform office staff about events, memos, etc. about work. But companies do not stop there. Companies, businesses and offices now are challenged to make their own Facebook Page. This is not only an avenue for customers or clients to see their ads. This is also a place where clients can easily contact the business regarding complaints, comments and suggestions. This is why jobs like social media analysts or social media managers are very much in demand.

Another “screen” tool that promotes efficiency online are the Google tools: Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Photos, etc. These apps are available on both mobile and desktop. These tools are helpful most especially because of the cloud. Because everything can be stored in the cloud, I am able store ALL my files, it easy for me to access anywhere and it is easy for me to share my work with people concerned.

I am aware that the new media culture has many cons. But right now, I am able to work so many things at the same time anywhere I want because of these tools. In a world that is so fast paced, I am kept busy. I, in turn, demand things to be quicker, as well (this is a common trait of millennials). I am not complaining about the things that I can efficiently do because of the help of these apps. I do know that there is a sense of attachment/addiction/idolatry in the pace that I am going. But hey, I’m using an app to do this blog.




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